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3 pitfalls to avoid when selling excess electronic components

3 pitfalls to avoid when selling excess electronic components

Did you realise that as a PCBA manufacturer, at least 1% of your revenue is tied up in obsolete or redundant stock? Furthermore, you are probably sitting on 10% of revenue in slow moving stock! Read on to discover solutions to common pitfalls when selling your excess electronic components.

  1. Avoid scrapping your stock. Don't wait until your stock is so old and worthless that you need to scrap it and write it off your books. As an Independent Distributor we can advertise your stock in many ways allowing you to get money back either as an outright purchase, consignment or via our unique InPlantTM system where you still own the stock until sold and normally recoup 100% of your cost.

  2. Avoid self sabotage. Don't make the mistake of sharing your list of excess components with many brokers. This is a common mistake made under the belief that many outlets increase the chances of a sale. Actually, the reverse is true. Many outlets create the false impression of abundance in the market place driving your return down. Now, your potentially valuable part which may have been in short supply, suddenly appears all over the web weakening the price.

  3. Avoid doing nothing. Don't sit on your surplus stock. The longer your stock sits the more it will continue to depreciate in value. The resources required to manage the stock continue to rise in terms of storage costs and warehouse space. It is rare for a part to increase in value over time. As soon as you have components that are surplus to your requirements get in touch with us. We will provide you with the best solution to fit your needs and advertise your stock globally so that you can start getting cash back where it belongs, on your bottom line.

Avoid these pitfalls and contact us today regarding your excess stock.


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